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March 01, 2011


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Lee Currie

Three more months? Say it's not so! I don't know if I can handle winter through May, ugh :( I found using Gehwol cream - you know the stuff for cracked heels - put it on your thumb, wrap it in a fingertip bandaid and do that for a couple of days and it should be all cleared up :) Good luck, stay warm!

Katherine Louise Harris

As a Minnesotan I sadly believe you about the three months. It was 14 degrees on Wednesday. Fun!

You seriously have the cutest kids. The shadow photo is cracking me up.

Mary MacAskill

Thanks Lee! Ive never heard of Gehwol cream - Ill have to give it a try!

Mary MacAskill

Thanks! You are probably in for the same kind of weather over in Minnesota! Stay warm! :)

Heather M.

3 more months?! Calgon, take me away!

Empty boxes are so much fun for kids to play with. I'm totally curious which chair you got and where you are putting it.

And that photo of Sadie hand metering is awesome. so awesome.


For your cracked thumb, if you can stand it, get some gel or acryllic nails on...I get them put on in the winter and my thumbs don't crack anymore...they are a bit annoying and don't feel like my own fingers but no more cracks!

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