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March 10, 2011


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Katherine Louise Harris

I just want a library so I can have one of those cool ladders that slides along the shelves :)

I am also loving these lists posts you are doing, keep em up :)

Mary MacAskill

Yes, yes, I would need one of those! :)


That's a good list, Mary! I've done #16 and #17 - you will get to someday too. I'd love the Six Pack - never thought of that for my list! I probably figured it was way too extreme to make it on!! I saw a picture of a closet with a sliding ladder - now that was cool.


Love Broadway and enjoyed it often when I lived in New York. Just saw Orlando, fabulous that it is hard to believe it could be better just because it was on Broadway!

Heather M.

this is such a great list. #2 and #3 - totally with you on those! haha!

Melanie G

I saw Wicked in NY on Broadway - AMAZING! It is coming to Calgary June 29-Jul 17 (tickets go on sale Apr 2 apparently). i will be there again. It was that amazing!

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