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January 20, 2011


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Don`t laugh, but I recently cleaned out my clothes closet, and can happily say that all the matching wooden hangers I bought look DIVINE. And yes, they all point the same way. ;p
I'm totally with you on # 10- ARGH!!!!!!!!!

Niki Estes

lol I do many of those things, too! With #4, my dad and aunt both have very shaky hands (they can't control it). I always worry that I will inherit that. So many of the hobbies I enjoy require still hands. #5, yep I do that! lol Drives me nuts when I waiting to cross the street with my 3 children and no one has the decency to stop. #6, I can't stand the sound of sucking on a washcloth. Totally grosses me out and makes me cringe! I also do #12 . . . a lot. :)


Ah love it!!!! I totally am also 7, 9, 10 & 12. :) GREAT list!


Okay...I've got some similar quirks...some opposite.
1. I have always eaten every part of the apple since I was Grandmother did it and I followed suit. I'm sorry your brother scared you like that!
4. the hand spasm. I often worry that someone will sneak up behind me and grab me to say hi and I'll let the stroller go. So I too am at the street with a death grip on the buggie! LOL
5.I usually yell something too but not so polite as you (not when my DD is with me so maybe I will start using that!
10. I will not win any award for correct Grammar either but I hate when people say These ones or those's these or those people...ones is redundant! (my aunt was a teacher and pounded that one into me!)
11. I used to do this up until about ten years ago and then I stopped. I quite enjoy mixing my foods now. Maybe as you age you will change this habit too.
I found it funny how many things on your list I could relate to. LOL

Laura Evangeline

I have organized my clothes by color for as long as I can remember, and all my hangars match. I like the velvet covered slim ones the sell at Target or Walmart. They take up less space, no slippage, and no hanger-shoulder bumps either... now I sound obessive. Eek!


#8. word.


I like how this list shares your personality - it makes me like you even more!!

laura vegas

i organize my closet my color too. i do it to joe's clothes too, and get mad if he puts shirts in the wrong color spot. lol! and i always take more than one photo of things. which is why i end up taking about 10 photos to actually get my ONE photo-a-day. lol!


I've had wood hangers for about 6 years now and I love them with all my heart. I encourage you to feed that OCD and buy them!

Kathy Martin

Fun things about you! :)

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