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February 17, 2011


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nichol magouirk

it's scary how many of these are ones I would (and do) watch over and over. last of the mohicans and shawshank redemption: 2 of my very favorite movies of all time. In fact, I think the only movie on your list I haven't even seen is chocolat. Maybe I should go rent it, huh? :)

Mary MacAskill

You TOTALLY should. Its so good, and hello?! Johnny Depp. Rockstar!


oh man i loved Chocolat!!!! SO good!!!

Mary MacAskill

it was, it WAS! and the book is even better!

Heather M.

I need to watch Chocolat again, I don't really remember it. It didn't make a big impact on me but I know my sister loves it too. Okay, just went and put a hold on it at the library. :)

I totally forgot about the Grumpy Men films - those are HILARIOUS. Jonathan could watch them over and over too.

His family watches movies until they have them memorized and then recite lines from random movies all the time in conversation. I never have any idea what they are talking about. LOL!


Too funny! Bob loves the Grumpy Old Men and I love Chocolat!! I didn't know it's a book so I'm going to check that out. Fun share, Marry!

On a side note, my sister, sister-in-law and I took my Mom to see Wedding Crashers before we realized exactly what was in it. She was a good sport and we laugh about it all the time!


What a great list! I LOVE Gladiator, haven't seen it in years, but man oh man is it a good movie!


Good Will Hunting and Snatch are two of my favorite movies!! Most people don't like Snatch but Ithought it was so funny!
Love how you make these lists!!!

Mary MacAskill

I think Snatch could be definitely be filed under dark humor. The cinematography was brilliant - so entertaining.

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