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January 21, 2011


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i LOVE yours and i love that you did it in a really busy place like the airport :) The more you do it, the less embarrassed you get!

Mary MacAskill

I agree, though it is still something I am working at! :)

laura vegas

you sound just like me mary! i'm always scared to take my camera out. even at places where other's have them out ... like school functions and performances. lol! i'm such a dork, for worrying about what people think of me. love your shot :)

Katherine Louise Harris

I get nervous for another reason, theft. I know it's ridiculous, but I live in a pretty urban area and I sometimes wonder, am I safe? It's a dumb thought. Nothing close has ever happened!

However, I was once yelled at. And it WAS terrifying. I was at a Somali market and snapped an image of scarves and an older shop owner thought she was in the image. She ended up screaming at me, not in English and basically grabbed my camera and tried to get me to open up the back. She thought I was using film. Oy, very scary. I was very shook up.

Photography in Minneapolis... never a dull moment!


I can't read your sign! Funny you should have posted this, as I just finished a page for a BPC class that includes using a sign as the challenge ; )

Melanie G

Love the photo challenges you guys are doing!

Heather M.

love, love, love your take on this challenge and i love that i was with you that day. perhaps we should hang out every week and shoot these together. :)

Mary MacAskill

WHAT?! Now, I wonder why she was so worried about getting her photo taken anyway!

Katherine Louise Harris

Ya, I don't know- I think in the Somalian culture there are some issues around photography. Whatever the case it was very frightening for me. My mom always asks if I'd like to go back to the market- they have gorgeous scarves and cool spices there, my answer is always no. I'll stick to Trader Joe's :)


What a great shot! Brilliant idea. I'm nervous about taking out my camera in certain places too. Especially where there are lots of people or in stores. My sister will take hers out anywhere and take a shot. I want to be as brave as she is one day. Soon.

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