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January 14, 2011


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Natalie Burke

Love the pic....I know what you mean about trying to escape type A. I'm the same way!  :) thanks for making me chuckle today as I'm super cranky this morning - last night sucked! Was up most of the night with Ms Bailey. It amazes me that she is playing around with Teagan in a really happy mood. I sure hope the other shoe doesn't drop!


LOVEd how happy yours was!!!! (Good counter balance to mine :))

Kristin Stout

I follow Rhondas blog, and I had to come and check out your blog because I just loved your pictures the last two weeks...well done!


Oh, My la's Mary, your selfie is AWESOME!!! I must know how you did it?? did you print out the other pic or was it done in photo shop?? dish!!!


I have some great inspiration for one of your goals. Go to and check out her pantry re-do. I am going to try and do it too. Love your pictures.

Mary MacAskill

I took the initial shot on Day 1. Printed it out and then held it up on Day 2 for a second selfie. Would have been much easier if I could print at home, but my printer sucks. So I had to run to the photo lab in the midst of all of it! I suppose you could do it in photoshop, but I am not that PS savvy. ;)

Mary MacAskill

Now THAT is a nice pantry! Thanks for the link.

Heather M.

love, love, love your photo. you are so smart. and i love doing this challenge with the 2 of you.

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