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November 15, 2010


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You'll never regret spending time with your kids, scrapbooking will be there when you find some 'free' time (and believe, it'll be awhile!). And it's actually a huge relief to not scrap to those deadlines!

ana roat

Gotta enjoy life in order to have something to scrap about. God's blessings to you for 2011. Will still keep you in my favorites...

Katherine Louise Harris

I think you are so talented, and I understand your need to take a step back and focus on your adorable family :) Good luck, and I'll keep reading your blog to see what you're up to!


Good for you in setting your priorities right. There will be a time for your tremendous talent in the future. Little ones don't wait. Pictures will still be there when you are ready to continue this wonderful hobby. Best of luck and just enjoy those sweet babies.

Elaine MacAskill

Mary i am really going to miss checking your blog every day,but now you may be able to catch a cat nap here or there.You are such a busy beaver andyou are so so talented,i tell you that all the time dear.Whatever you decide in doing in 2011 i just know it will be a hit.Enjoy this time with your family you earned it.I too will be looking back at your blog.and keeping an eye open to see what you will be up to.Take care and give our grand kids and hubby a big hug for me.Keep the pictures comming.Love Elaine

Linda J

I am a huge fan of your beautiful pages, and although I will miss seeing them posted at Two Peas, and Write, Click Scrapbook -- I am so glad that you made a decision that is right for you. As a grandma of 5, I know how quickly time with the little ones flies by.
Wishing you all good things - and hopefully you will post a page every now and then on your blog.:)

Sarah Klemish

Mary -

I think we've all been there...scrapping is a hobby and life is life. I will certainly miss you at Peas as you were my fav GG but hopefully we'll still see some of your stuff here on your blog! Enjoy your adorable kids!


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