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November 15, 2010


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Lovely Cee.

i hear you.....


i am a bit sad reading this... but, on the upside I hope to hear about your plans for 2011 come true. Best. Jilczy

Sara Rossi

As sad as I am to hear that, I firmly believe that you have to be happy....deadlines aren't happy. Will still be here when you are. {{HUGS}}


Aww...I'm shocked but glad that you are making a decision to make your life a bit easier.
You are one talented lady though :)


Best of luck with your new exciting plans, and crossing my fingers to still see a page or two here. :)

Lydia Jackson

We all hear you, it is tough.......but the most important thing is enjoying those kids while they are young. It goes by too quickly.

I have always loved your work and whether it is 10 posts a month or twice a year, I will still be checkin in

Good luck with your new adventures, and enjoy those wonderful Mommy moments


yes - reality does hit - and to be honest - they grow so darn fast! you will be looking back saying where did all those years go .... so enjoy every minute!
Take care,


As much as I will miss seeing your gorgeous projects on a regular basis, I am a mum and I guess a lot of your readers are so we all understand that right now your family need you, full time, enjoy the time with them, it flies by so fast.


as much as I will miss seeing your pages there, I totally get it and I think many people who are hugely in to scrapbooking or some other hobby that becomes something other than a hobby go through this!

laura vegas

i know you didn't take those decisions lightly. i will definately miss your work over on 2peas. but i understand your decision, and can relate so much. i bet it feels good to let go of obligations like that, and fully enjoy life!

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