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September 22, 2010


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Lovely Cee.

i looked at the rest and i cried..... they're beautiful.

Heather M.

hey, i was totally going to blog about our walk this week too. i'm so glad you did - it is SOOOOO awesome to see your photos. that last one just kills me, it is SO amazing.


beautiful pictures :) where were they taken? being from florida, it will be a long, long time before fall arrives here which makes me grumpy every year this time. I miss the fall so much.

Rhonda Steed

All of them are just so stinking beautiful!!

Sara Rossi

I thought the 1st pic was beautiful then I saw the 2nd pic--GORGEOUS!! That last pic was very very cool!


These pics are all gorgeous - but that last one really is amazing. Just serenely beautiful!

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