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September 13, 2010


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laura vegas

so, do you want my opinion or just want me to agree with you?!?! lol! just kidding! you know that i love the saturated and crisp look to my photos. so i really like the first edit ... looks similar to what i would do. BUT. for this photo, i really do like the second look ... i'm all for a good faded, vintagey look too. long story made short ... for this photo, i like the second one more :)

Lucy Abrams

Hi Mary
Although the 2nd photo is more natural and realistic, the 3rd one has a lovely warmth. So I'd go with photo 3. :)
I am no expert though...
just an admirer of your work :)
LOVE the sweet photo too.


My natural tendency is to prefer #2 like you. But, I love #3 for different reasons. They are equally beautiful, but kind of like apples and oranges. I think part of the question is what do you want to do with the picture; i.e. I can see #3 enlarged to giant size and framed. Of course, you could do that with #2 too, but it's kind of a specialty thing for #3.

And this is why that "Be Funky" site was the death of my free time the week I started playing with it, because as my friend Melissa said, photos can speak different languages and you just want to see all the ways that could go : )

Mary MacAskill

Be Funky? Dare I even ask since my free time is at an all-time low?

Lonely Scrapbooker

I vote for #3
I also wish I was better educated about how to "properly" use LR. I'm sure I'm doing it all wrong and wasting tons of time... .


I love the third picture. The coloring is fun and the pink is vibrant. Love it!

Sarah M

I think the 3rd pic has more depth to it... the colors look richer to me.


I love the 3rd picture, the vintage fade you've got going on. Love how it looks! I'm too nervous to try and do that w/my photos!


love the 3rd one!!

Rhonda Steed

I like both editing ways. But for this picture I actually like the first edit one. But really I think this kind of thing is soooo in the eye of the beholder!

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