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April 29, 2010


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laura vegas

i DO actually stalk you on 2peas ;) ... so i have seen this layout. but i'll tell you again that i love it! the filmstrip idea is perfect for the page ... and they're all gorgeous photos! and i'm laughing about you learning some great photoshop trick .. and then promptly forgetting how to do it. it's the story of my life. you'd think i'd start taking notes and writing things down. but i don't.

Sara Rossi

LOVE it!! Your pics are great! And that comment on the page curling & forgetting how-to --HYSTERICAL!!

Mary MacAskill

Oh that is me. Totally. I am learning all these neat tricks in Photoshop and I promptly forget them as soon as I finish what I was working on. If I made notes though, Id probably lose those too. ;)

Lovely Cee.

hahahah! i love you MJ:) you're so funny. i love the page too.

Heather M.

love this layout. can you send me a copy and i'll just insert my photos and journaling, please?! ;)

Rhonda Steed

love love love this page!! I want a copy like Heather too so I can just insert my info and pictures too :)


What photography course were these for?

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