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December 01, 2009


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Lonely Scrapbooker

Two wonderful layouts. I wish I'd seen the pregnancy one when I was busy scrapping my preg. photos. I would have done one like it.
Yes, looks like a duck to me too.

Lovely Cee.

no way you're 18 weeks already! what?! that went fast!

i got your surprise call- listened to the surprise message:) warmed my heart:) and made my heart sad because we really wished you were there with us- new moon? did you see my new moon ticket shot? there were five! one was for you. we have to go see it when you get here> with derreck and joe:)

okay- that's supposed to be written in an email format- tehee?

love your pages! love your darn silhouette (?), lovely colors and stuff:) and i still cant believe you're 18 weeks already. wow:)

see you soon! hurry up already:)

Lovely Cee.

one more... did you reveal the sex yet? did i miss that? if i didn't, my guess is a BOY!

starr Mercer

Great layout Mary! Congrats on your second pregnancy by-the-way!

I've always wondered how you get two page photos/sans of your layouts...if you could share your secret, I would love that.

Take care!


Sigh. I could look at your pages all day. You're a true master! And Stephanie is one of my very favourites too.. I ADORE everything she makes!
I'm off to check out the Garden now. :)

laura vegas

your layouts are gorgeous mary! love the 18 months ... so pretty and great colors! and the duck one is so stinkin cute!

Rhonda Steed

I can't believe you are that far along already! Love love the butterflies!!! Great spread!


Beautiful layouts! Wow! Thanks for sharing:)

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