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November 19, 2009


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Laura T.

Like you, my space is also in our basement. One day I hope to have my own room, but for now, I'm happy with my space. To see pictures you can go to I'm off to check the other pictures of your space.

Paige Evans

Wooooooow! Your creative space looks like heaven on earth!

Charlene Austin

All the pics look so great! It makes me think I reeeeeaaalllly need to clean up space. Thanks for sharing.


I HAVE been wildly curious. And, I have the exact same space minus the super-cute organizational options... and about 20 outlets. I have one outlet TOTAL in my basement space, so while I can spread out and organize to my heart's content in this house, I have to be careful not to trip over the strategically placed extension cords. Which I can only run three lamps on. If I turn on the space heater (it isn't very well heated down there) the circuit pops and then I'm in the basement in the pitch black. YIKES.

But your space... ohhhhhh, loved all those photos!! : )

Sara Rossi

I love how organized everthing is! That craft table is awesome! I am SLOWLY getting more space but am thinking about moving down to the basement.

Lauralee MacAskill

I love your space...its alot bigger then the old room upstairs :). I can imagine now that old bedroom will be being turned into a nursery! Oh..btw...I will be sending you out some pics me and dave had done with the xmas parcel (family photos)...maybe you can make a little something with a few of them :) xoxo

Lovely Cee.

Sick, right? so awesome. im jealous. you've seen mine and i wish i have your shelves and i wish joe was very handy with building tools and stuff.

you're not in town, hm? i called your mum's house yesterday- no one answered. i thought of you all day yesterday and God, how i wish you were here! coming to town, when? please call me- i miss you

love your space and your STUFF!

laura vegas

love getting a peek at where the "mary magic" happens! and i definately agree with you ... a space can be amazing, without being totally perfect. i've seen some really cool scraprooms in unfinished basements and garages. thanks for sharing :)

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