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October 02, 2009


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laura vegas

this card is so cute mary! i'm not a big halloween person at all ... but i love this one! a cute kind of spooky :)


Yay, I love Halloween, too! I find it hard to even walk around in the Halloween section of the store with Landon... too many creepy things for toddlers! :)


It's time you started your own card line through a major card manufacturer, Mary. Seriously--you should look into it.

Sara Rossi

Very fun card! Love Halloween!

Rhonda Steed

TOTALLY cute card Mary!!

Heather M.

love that glittered witch!

looking forward to hearing more about your decorations!


Totally cute card!

I totally would have thought Pier 1 would have had cute decorations. I bought a few good ones last November for cheap and I'm looking forward to digging them out this weekend.

Linda C.

Absolutely FABULOUS!


Love the card...and that cartridge! Need to bust out mine a little more.

Elaine MacAskill

Mary,i agree with Dani you could have your card line.Ialso truly believe you are a beautiful writer and a great mom and wife.Great job Keep up the great work.Ihave been busy keeping up with Solobode.Take care.Elaine. Love to Sadie Jane also.

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