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October 01, 2009


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Your LO is amazing! What a wonderful way to celebrate your new, growing little baby.
Love the links you shared today, too. I don't cruise around on 2Peas much anymore...simply too MUCH scrapping goodness - I get stuck for hours. So thanks for sharing these links and your work too. :)

laura vegas

3 posts in one day? you're spoiling us girl! i already told you how much i LOVE your layout! i searched you out in the garden late last night, and couldn't wait to see your big debut! this layout just made me tear up ... i'm so happy for you and this layout is perfect to start documenting this new little part of your life :)


very neat! I need to do more photoshop!
thanks for sharing.

Heather M.

first, do you have any idea how HAPPY it makes me to see your work in the garden?!?! so, so, so happy! ack!!! so happy!

and that layout is gorgeous. totally gorgeous.

Lovely Cee.

wow! you are full of good news!!!
i think you just killed me here- how overwhelming!
thanks for making me happy, Mary!


Congrats on your first day in the garden. That's so cool!! And what a layout to start's amazing! I love that photo!!


"Woooot", there you got one...
Adorable layout,love it.

Jona Panesa

congratulations. loved your lay-out!


Mary, Congrats!!! You are SO AWESOME! And what a precious layout! I can't wait to see how you continue to document this new little life :)

Sara Rossi

Where do I start?? This is Beautiful!! LOVE how you did the sonogram pic! This is just so sweet & brings a tear to my eye!

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