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July 06, 2009


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laura vegas

this is such a super cute tin mary! i love the butterfly, and how you layered it.

Erin Bassett

So cute!

Sara Rossi

So cute! Telling my hubby that cart is on my wish list! Great tip on the vellum!

Heather M.

seriously beyond cute!

so what are you going to do with the tin?!

Nichol Spohr LLC

this is the cutest! love....


Absolutely STUNNING - I so need a die cutting machine... :) You make it appear to be an essential tool.

Amy Hayes

Gorgeous! I have to make this more my mom who is a dragonfly fanatic! Thanks for the inspiration!


what an adorable project! very cool!

sasha farina

OMG... i dont have a cribut, but that dragonfly is just phenomenal! i want i wantttttttt!!

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