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July 23, 2009


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laura vegas

this is such a fun layout mary! these are the kinds of things that i love to get down in the scrapbooks ... will be so cool to look back on down the road. my music crush is tim mcgraw. and about 5 years ago, i made a layout about it. used my lanyard from one of the many concerts that i'd gone too, cut up all the little photos off my tim mcrgraw calendar, used a charm off the fan club necklace i had. it was fun to do. i'll have to dig that one out ... couldn't find it anywhere to show you.


Oh, Paolo. My heart be still!! <3

Sasha Farina

*gasp* paint!! for real?? woooohooo!! great layout Mary!

Rhonda Steed

Way to go on using paint!!!! And i think it's funny that they make a Hanna Montana cartridge :) Great page. Love that you did it about this. Totally petition for tickets! :)


This is adorable!!! :) I, too, think it's funny that they have a Hannah Montana cartridge, but what the heck!? It worked perfectly for this page! :) I think you should send a copy of this layout to Paolo and see what he says! Hehehe!

Sara Rossi

This LO is just so FUN! And he is total eye candy! Funny how you used Hannah Montana stuff on this LO! Great LO for a "You" album!

Charlene Austin

You are a riot! It's fabulous and perfect. If you get tickets I will stalk you until you take me with you.

Nichol Magouirk

This is FABULOUS. Just WOW. LOVE everything about it. You have inspired me. I think I might need to create a page about my own fangirl crush on a certain 23 year old British hunk (mind you I am older than you and WAY too old to be a fangirl...but what the heck....might as well embrace my inner "cougar"! ha!).

and, FOR SURE petition for tickets...all this freebie deserve 'em! :)

Heather M.

what a cool page! i love that you scrapped it!


Wow, this is fantastic Mary, LOVE it!
And you probably won't want to hear that Paolo just played here at the Jazz Fest last month. ;p

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