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July 01, 2009


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Rhonda Steed

:) You wouldn't want to choose Canon germs eh? Hope you guys all had fun together!!!

Sara Rossi

Looks like you had fun! Sadie looks cute all dressed in red!

Heather M.

hahahahahaha!!!! that made me laugh!!!!!

thanks for coming! it was fun! let me know how friday goes!

laura vegas

cute photos! love the one that derrick got of you in photography action!

Lauralee MacAskill

Looks like a wonderful Canada got the sunshine! Ours was wet, wet, wet, kinda like the rest of the weather for the last week or so :(. Love the action shot, you look great :), and Sadie is just the cutest! xoxoxo


Great shots, Mary! Looks like you had a wonderful time celebrating! I'm excited to celebrate this weekend, too :)

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