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July 24, 2009


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Paige Evans

Happy 5th Anniversary!!


Happy anniversary, Mary & Derrick. :) Mary, your writing today was just beautiful. Well said.


Congrats to you! We have our 25th coming up on Sept 1st, 2009, and I can tell you it goes by in the blink of an eye!

laura vegas

happy anniversary mary and derrick!

Elaine MacAskill

Mary thanks for being just who you are and i know how how much Derrick loves you and Sadie.All my love.Derricks MOM.Happy anniversary.xxoo

Sara Rossi

That's wonderful!! Happy Anniversary to you both!

Nichol Magouirk

Happy Anniversary!!!!
Chad and I celebrated 13 years this week. It is without a doubt an incredible journey. :)
Hope you both had a wonderful day!

Natalie Burke

Awwww...that just brought tears to my eyes. Well said Mary. We are so happy for you both and of course Ms. Sadie! Happy Anniversary to you and Derrick.
Love you all, Natalie, Devin and Spencer xoxoxo

Lovely Cee.

" downright hard to live with"......? yea, whatever MJ but happy anniversary- yay! we get to grill for your anniversary:)


congrats! i know what you're talking about and happy to say that God has bless my marriage and we are still going strong, 19 years later w/ 3 kids. Without God, not so sure what the outcome would have been. God bless your marriage and family. Aloha!

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