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July 16, 2009


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Yay Mary, it's good to see you back again! I love what you've done with the challenge! I'll have to check out the American Crafts blog challenges :) And speaking of challenges... didn't you used to offer some up?? Or did I dream that, so long ago? ;) Hehe!

Lovely Cee.

hahahahaa!!! i love your sense of humor:) hahahaha! im still laughing. i love this!!!! my god, did you sew the plastic down? only you can do it perfectly too. this is such a great idea. it's beautiful.
gabby is getting her hair cut next week- i dont want to get it cut:(

hahahahaha.... switch cameras for Rob-Kristen pose? you and derrick would look great- you would certainly look hot. me? i have to really really wait. im working on it. i got in some of my pants again:) but yea... lets switch- it'll be fun but.. are you sure you want to hold my canon? hahahah:)

Erin Sweeney

I love that you kept her cute little curly Q and put it on the page!

Heather Ruwe

just saw this on the ac blog. CONGRATS! love the page. :)

laura vegas

awww ... that is so adorable mary! that little curl is so beautiful ... love that you have saved forever on such a precious page!

sarah had the curliest hair when she was little. i was told that once we cut the curls, they'd never grow back. and i told everyone that they were wrong. we did cut it at some point, and there were still curls for a while. but now, at 10 years old ... there are NO curls to be seen :(

Sara Rossi

OMG! Where do I begin?? The LO is SO pretty! LOVE the colors! Great title! I love her hair on this! This is just priceless! Glad you're scrapping again!

Nancy Hyland

Missed you!! LOVE this page I have some strands from Fiona's first haircut too, hers unfortunately straight as an arrow, I am very envious of Sadie's curl :)


such a darling layout mary!

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