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June 08, 2009


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Haha, don't fret... You're perfectly adorable!!! :)

laura vegas

what a cute photo! i love how kids think they're complimenting us ... and yet, it just doesn't quite sound as flattering as it should. like when haley asked why i don't have to use her dora potty seat when i tinkle ... and then decided it was because "you have a big butt". lol!

Lovely Cee.

you got a new camera, didn't you? no... a new lens.

that's a compliment:) this and the one below are amazing pictures:)

Rhonda Steed

GREAT shot! Lucy always tells me I am waaay to big to this or that. And I always love it!

Sarah M

Thanks for the chuckle. I have the same conversations with my 2 1/2 year old daughter. I tell her she's a big girl and she says I'm a big Mommy... Hmm.

Nichol Magouirk

LOL. I had a good laugh! She is such a cutie!!!

Sara Rossi

Yeah you don't know whether to thank them or send them to their room! Lucky she's cute--it cuts her some slack!

Heather M.

hahaha! she's hilarious!

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