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June 04, 2009


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Lovely Cee.

hahahahah!!! you pervent:)
i'll be waiting for that naked photo of RP.

italy page? love!


Beautiful photos. and LOL, no I'm not that easily offended.

laura vegas

that first paragraph was hilarious! totally made me laugh! another gorgeous layout for the album.

Rhonda Steed

COOL photos!! Looks like an amazing trip for sure!

Lauralee MacAskill

Oh Mary, that just made me smile and giggle all at the same time lol....great way to start a friday :).

Sara Rossi

That is too funny!! Love the album & the amazing pics!

Nichol Spohr LLC

I so wish you could have just heard me laugh. :)
love your layout, girl!

Nichol Spohr LLC

I just wanted to add....don't you sort of wish that you could have been in Italy the last week of May? I think they may have been filming some sexy scenes for a "new" movie coming out this November...I'm just saying.... :)


Beautiful pages, and you made me laugh, too!!! Too funny!

Heather M.

Um, nice, um, die-cut. ;)

Your Italy album is such a treasure. I'm definitely not tired of seeing the layouts. They are gorgeous!

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