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May 19, 2009


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laura vegas

i remember you sharing the first layout. but i have to say ... i really LOVE the second one. totally caught my eye when i saw it in the magazine! love all the photos ... and there are some really funny ones! gorgeous design too ... with great colors. and love the envelope ... i need to get mine back out again!


MARY!!! Thank goodness! You're back! No longer sucked in by Edward!!! Oh how I have missed you and your beautiful work :)

I have 2 questions for you:

1. What the heck is a circle journal? (Is that a dumb question?)

2. Why is it that every single time I look at one of your layouts, I think, "That is PERFECT! I never would have thought of that (cutting up the collage and staggering it... genius!) but I'm SO stealing that idea!"?

Love, Dani

Rhonda Steed

suuuuuuper cute!!!! Love how you cut up the photos! It DOES create movement! Nice work!

Lovely Cee.



You are a rockstar!! I love these layouts. :) You always know just what a layout needs to make it super fabulous!! :)


How adorable - what wonderful pictures.

Heather M.

when you worked on that cj page at my place i thought it was awesome but that layout is brilliant! loved it when i saw in the mag. totally curious what font you used for "outtakes".
and i totally agree with jen - you always know how to make a layout stunning!
so happy to see your work again. ;)

Sara Rossi

I just love them both! Especially the second one! Just love your work!


Wow, Mary!!! These are gorgeous! So happy I went for a blog hop today! I miss seeing your work!

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