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May 04, 2009


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Lovely Cee.

the toilet? sound like a nightmare to me.

i was at the store during NSD from 1:00 to midnight. worked then cropped- well, i didnt crop per se- i was the sisters' mascot: the clown- the runner- the assistant and the etc. i never get to scrap when there's people- can't think but i talk most of the time.

thanks for sharing another one of your simple yet fabulous installments. you rawk! LOve!

sasha farina

your pages are never boring! never... i wanna visit Italy too.. urmm.. minus the overflowing toilet LOL...

Sara Rossi

OK you're not serious right? I want to see your WHOLE Italy album--keep 'em coming! I would love to see Pisa! I've never been there & minus the toliet incident it sounds great! Love the pic of holding up the tower!

laura vegas

this could be your own little story book ... "if mary went to make a photo book" ... and the story of how it led her to 27 other things along the way. you could even make this a book through blurb ... if you could focus long enough to do it. lol! i'm exactly the same way ... so i can appreciate your antics!

love the layout. another amazing addition to your italy album!

Heather M.

Eeks, that bathroom story is just scary and gross! We encountered some rather sketchy bathrooms in Europe too.
Love your Italy layouts and am definitely not sick of it. I love seeing your work!

That photo book sounds really cool! Was it pricey?


Love your page. When I was in Pisa in 2007, the tower wasn't leaning so much, so in all my photos, it just looks like a tower, LOL. I hated some of the bathrooms in Italy, nothing more than a hole in the ground!


You ask, "are you getting tired of this yet?" and the answer is emphatically "NO" I LOVE this! What wonderful travel scrapbook pages!!!!! Your blog is delightful - I've marked it so I can return!

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