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May 24, 2009


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Lovely Cee.

hahahah!!! i was like: what? what is she into now? robots?
it's cool. love the white stuff that you did:)


Haha, when I first saw your post, I thought that was such a creepy looking creature! You did a fantastic job making something cute out of something scary :)

Sara Rossi

You did a FANTASTIC job turning that weird robot into a card that's PERFECT for Father's Day!

Oh & um thanks to you I'm now reading Twilight AGAIN for the third time......LOL!!

laura vegas

what a different type of inspiration piece! lol! love how you took the colors from it ... perfect for boys!

Charlene Austin

Geez that is cute!!

AND you got me hooked on Paolo! Love it.

Heather M.

lovely little creature, hey?! lol!

love the card. it turned out great!

Lynn Ghahary

Love this card Mary! Okay so I gotta know how you get your white embossing so ... well ... white! And OPAQUE! Mine always seems so chunky and icky. Maybe it's the powder I'm using? Okay so spill it! What's you secret?!? ;)

sasha farina

ah! what a delightful combo! me likey!

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