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May 18, 2009


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Gorgeous card - I love those flower gems and the heartfelt message stamps are some of my faves.
Oh and give it a couple of weeks and the hangover will start easing off :)


I'm soooo glad you are feeling the same way! I'm feeling "blah" about scrapping. I just can't get a stinkin' cute thing made! I just made my hubby watch Twilight with me this weekend. He'd never seen it--don't think he wants to watch it again! if i lived closer, I'd be over in a heartbeat to watch it AGAIN with you! haha

laura vegas

and you say you're not a "flower person". lol! that card is gorgeous!
i'm feeling very "blah" these days too. guess you know that, since we talk about our "blah-feelings" with each other. lol! not really with scrapping ... just with everything else in life. hoping to get out of my funk soon. and hope you do too!

Rhonda Steed

i was totally in that blah until our hangout at Heather's. Then I was totally into scrapping and I did 4 or 5 pages. But now all my stuff's packed up :) Cute card girl!

Heather M.

what a cute card! love the big FLOWERS! ;)

how did you do the sentiment? is it a stamp?

Sara Rossi

I feel your pain! I haven't felt like scrapping or blogging or anything! I'm slowly easing back into it though. Your card helps! LOVE the garden look! So pretty!

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