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May 20, 2009


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So dang cute, you clever girl. I just wish I had your legs!

Nancy Hyland

Those are so super cute!!! and I love the new blog look and the new pic is great too!!

Lovely Cee.

oi! forget the cool designs... MJ you're hot! i love the new look here... and i can see your cleavage! LOL!


Ooooh Mary, those are the cutest jeans ever. And you look simply perfect in them! :)


And by the way, I love your new blog look :)

Heather M.

i am loving the new blog look! very nice! and those jeans are AWESOME!!!

Rhonda Steed

aren't you so cool and stylish!!! :)

Sara Rossi

How fun are those jeans! And I'm totally jealous of how good you look in them! hehe!

sasha farina

i love that jeans.. ! awesome design too!

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