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April 02, 2009


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laura vegas

that sadie is such a funny girl ... love that she's trying to keep the studio clean for you though. lol!

your first pages are gorgeous! so pretty ... and some amazing photos! i can only imagine how much fun a trip to italy would be ... and so neat that you shared that with your mom!

sasha farina

the ones you're showing here is awesome! Glad you rescued those stamps from the bin.. LOL.. she os too cute! cleaning up ... LOL


Oh Mary, how funny that Sadie recycled your stamps! Isn't she just so helpful? :) I love your album! We had so much fun in Italy, too!!! It's a whole different world there, huh? :)

Rhonda Steed

good thing you caught those recycled tamps!!!!! :)

Lynn Ghahary

I bet that was one memorable trip! We visited Rome and Florence years ago (before digital cameras *sigh*) but I do remember vividly how much fun we had. And considering that I'm Italian myself I wholeheartedly agree with your statement about our lust for life! Hee hee! Glad you rescued those stamps as well! Honestly that is part of the reason that I changed to a stand-up scrapper and bought myself a great big tall craft table. Harder to reach! Although with a little strategic placement of stools and whatnot ANYTHING is possible! ;)

Sara Rossi

The story of "Sadie the Recycler" alone is precious! I bet you'll be checking out the trash from now on. Guess Sadie cleaning up means you're a messy scrapper too. ;) Good to know we're all the same!

I remember seeing this in the magazine & loved it! What part of Italy did you see? I'm excited to see this album! I have many relatives all over Italy but haven't visited since 1984 so I don't remember it all.

Heather M.

what a smart little cookie! i'm glad you found the stamp though!

love that layout every time i see it!

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