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April 05, 2009


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laura vegas

what an honor to be held in such high regard with ronald mcdonald. lol! so cute! and love the photo ... i could be inspired by the ladybug shirt (or is it jammies?).


Love the comparison! Gorgeous photo too

Lauralee MacAskill

Ahhh she is getting to be such a good talker. I loved hearing her on friday...Happy Birthday Uncle Devin!!! It was just perfect. Hope there is some practice on Auntie Lolly there lol....been workin on Spencer...with not such great success. xoxoxo

Sara Rossi

You are at the top of the list!You rank up there with Ronald! Ummm...Sadie-isms mini book right? Just sayin! LOL!! She is so pretty in pink!

Rhonda Steed

CUTE!!! I think a cute little mini album of all her sayings would be super duper cute! :)

Lovely Cee.

MJ:) your pictures are way getting too cool. i wish i'm rich i think i would switch to nikon. that's what i should have gotten a nikon when i got my replacement:) love your style:)

Nancy Hyland

Super cute, I just introduced my daughter to pickles as well. we are trying to eat healthier here and that is my crutch for chips, she seems to like them too, one more veggie she WILL eat, LOL!!

Natalie Burke

Yummy pickles!!!!
So sweet. We can't wait to see you guys in June. Hopefully showing Spencer pics of you guys, Sadie and the "furkids" and saying each person's name will help when we go out. The kids should be great little playmates.

Heather M.

mmmmmmm pickles! what a funny girl!

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