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April 27, 2009


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Nancy Hyland

OMG I love that picture and the bed head just makes it. My daughter is about the same age and she loves to sit on the edge of my tub while I am taking a shower and "read" to me. They are so cute and quirky at this age!!

Heather M.

oh my gosh, that is hilarious!!!!!!

laura vegas

she is soooo adorable! i want to squeeze her cheeks! the things they say ... it's so amazing how they just sponge everything up at this age!


Atta girl, Sadie! As a reading teacher, I'm VERY proud of you for having your priorities straight!!! :) And, I see you've got some quality literature there beside you, too! Your mama takes good care of you. Olivia is one of my all-time faves, too!!! :)

Sara Rossi

Another Sadie-ism...just love it!! She's got the cutest little face! Her eyes are just gorgeous!

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