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April 30, 2009


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Lovely Cee.

it's mind bogglingly beautiful. from up here, it looks like the white part of the heart has some kind of thick medium or something. you're freakin' genius. card looks simple but it doesn't sound like i can do it in one night:) i have to pull a Mary to do this card:) -- that's a compliment, MJ:)

Heather M.

that is so cute! love that quote!


thanks for the push, haven't done Mum's card yet, I'm getting off the computer right now.
Oh and I forgot to say how much I love your card, bet you will have one very impressed Mum, whoops sorry Mom(that word always makes me chuckle, not sure why)

Nancy Hyland

GENIUS!!! what a great way to get stiching without actually stiching!! The card is super sweet, makes me think of yummy chocolates!!


Gorgeous, gorgeous. I so love your cards...and the scrapbooking and the decor!

Sara Rossi

What a YUMMY card!! Love the colors & the stamping!! I think I "need" that stamp!!

Cathy Pascual

oh my - this is just about the prettiest card i've seen in a long time! LOVE!

Rhonda Steed

cute!!!! cute!!!! cute!!!! cute!!!!


super cute card mary! keep using that cricut mary ... keep using it ... you'll have me owning one soon with all the cute ideas. lol!

Heather Ruwe

love this card mary! thanks for the reminder to make a mother's day card. i am always scrapmbling at the last minute. lol

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