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April 08, 2009


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That's a great picture of you in Rome!! Your album is going to be so, so beautiful. And I do remember you working on a page once at Heather's :)


Can't wait to see more of the Italy pages. I LOVE Italy :)

Lovely Cee.

the photos are of course gorgeous! the layout is great! i've seen this~loved~ you and i were in in the same book_i think.

Rhonda Steed

Great page. Love how you got so many pictures but it doesn't feel crowded!

laura vegas

love this mary! and your mom took a great photo of you! i've tried giving my family the same lesson ... holding the shutter down part way to focus, and then recomposing the shot. but they don't get it. lol!


I'm sooooo super jealous. I would love to go to Italy someday. You lucky girl!! :) Love this page.


Mary, I loooove it! I really really am liking the way you add so much journaling to some of the pages. I always seem to struggle with how to tell a whole story (One might say I'm a little wordy, huh?) on a layout. I like how you did it :)

And yeah, isn't it CRAZY how the Pantheon is just sorta hanging out, right in the middle of the city? I feel like all of Rome is like that... all these crazy ancient treasures just sprinkled throughout a totally modern setting. In reality, it's more like the other way around, since the old stuff was there first, but you know what I mean :) Oh, and I have a crazy story about that restaurant just to your left in that photo (not seen in the pic). Haha, ah, the memories... I'll email it to you!

Speaking of email, your email is still sitting in my inbox... I promise to tell you all about my trip to Italy. Just haven't had time to sit down and really reply to emails lately, and I want to give your message the time it deserves. Hopefully this weekend I can sort my way through the inbox... :)

Heather Ruwe

oh, i am so jealous. i have always wanted to travel there! love your lo's!

Sara Rossi

I'm just loving this album so far Mary! Can't wait to see more!

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