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April 26, 2009


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laura vegas

gorgeous mary! love the colors ... a great way to take inspiration from the painting! and i wish i could feel the fuzziness ... i'm sure it's cool. flocking ... right up there with glitter in my too-scared-to-try-it stash. lol! neat idea to have the bird perched on the metal phrase too.

Rhonda Steed

oooh Great take on the inspiration!!!! TOTALLY cute card!

Heather M.

I saw this on the blog and totally loved it! The bird is so cute!

Lovely Cee.

ooohh... very cool:) i love everything about it -and---- i love the inspiration and i wonder what you would come up with that for a page- that would be a great challenge:) thanks for sharing, MJ.


THis is a fabulous card!! Love the red and yellow!!


Beautiful :)

Sara Rossi

Love those colors!!! I don't think I would have mixed those together on my own (I need to think outside the box more) Everything about this just says CUTE!!

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