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March 25, 2009


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Heather M.

I'd love to know where spring went too! I tell ya this crummy weather is making me grumpy!

Love the cute card though - how awesome are those stick pin antennae?!?!


I like your blog, you have some amazing artwork.
This card is beautiful! I love the colors, so fresh, I love the buttons and the pins. Great ideas!Tfs. Sam

laura vegas

such a pretty card mary! glad you have a little spring in your life ... even if you had to make it yourself. lol! and love that you used my "stick pins for antennae idea" ... since i got the "turn 2 hearts into a butterfly" idea from you ;)

Lovely Cee.

spring? it hasn't come. we're having snow here in billings:( i i swear im sick of this weather. but your card makes me long for spring even more- it's goregeous!
oh did you see my project...? i used pins too for my felty butterfly....) eeeps!

Sara Rossi

What a BEAUTIFUL card!!! I just got both of those stamps today & now I know how I'll be using them first! Love both the buttons & the stick pins on the butterfly! This just might be my favortite card yet!

Lynn Ghahary

Super cute card Mary! We could use some spring weather here in NJ as well! Keeping my fingers crossed it warms up for both of us! :)

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