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March 30, 2009


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Nancy Hyland

Oh, that is just darling!! out of the mouths of babes!!!


that needs to be scrapped!

sasha farina

Daddy and Mommy love Sadie MORE than biscuits! :D LOL.. she is so cute!


Oh gosh, Mary, that is so funny!!! Don't they just crack you up!? I love it!

Heather M.

that is so awesome! totally hilarious!

Rhonda Steed

hahahahaha. That photo RULES!

laura vegas

so cute! they come up with the funniest things! and gorgeous photo of sadie!


SOOO cute!!

Lauralee MacAskill

Way too cute...the things she says just cracks me up :). XOXOXO

Sara Rossi

She is TOO CUTE! Will there be a mini book with "Sadie-isms"?? That's another thing I wish I had done with my girls....***SIGH***

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