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February 09, 2009


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Lovely Cee.

i just wanna die when i read your post. you are so cool!
you rawk, MJ!

Sandi Janke

Love the Banana Frog stamps, how cute! I'm so into stars right now. And look at all the ribbon, I'm jealous!!! So organized too. :)

Heather M.

awww, great photos of the pugs! sounds like you had a productive weekend! yay!

laura vegas

those are the cutest little pups ... their faces are adorable! and those banana frog stamps look like fun ... how neat they come in a folder for storage. and i see you're putting sadie to work already ... teaching her ribbon organizing skills this young is a great idea. lol!


Oh my gosh Mary my daughter Holly saw your two little furry friends and she is in so much love she can't stand it LOL. She has wanted a Pug for as long as I can remember.

Sara Rossi

Sounds like you got a lot done! Those stamps need to come home with me!

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