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February 28, 2009


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Sara Rossi

Simply BEAUTIFUL Mary!! That pic is just priceless!! You must be super woman giving birth & taking pics that soon!! AWESOME take on the challenge!!

Heather Ruwe

This is so great. I am in awe of your talent. I love how we both used the die-cut stamp paper.great minds think alike! lol Thanks again for asking me to play. It was so fun! :)

Lynn Ghahary

Awww what a precious photo! I love this layout!

laura vegas

just love this layout mary! such a precious photo ... and i think it's amazing that YOU were the one to take this so soon after delivering little sadie. that is talent! i love how you used the postage stamp edged paper on the cardstock ... i wasn't even thinking of using just a decorative edge paper. lol! and now i wish i had the heart winged butterfly stamp!

d b mcsweeny

Wow Mary, your husband is hot! And little Sadie is the cutest girl I have ever seen. This moment you captured is one I'm sure your husband will never forget. Great job. Love you.

Heather M.

what a precious layout! that photo is so beautiful (and yes you are amazing for taking it)! love the tags and soft colours!

sasha farina

OMG. . . how absolutely gorgeous! That photo is priceless Mary. . ! great take on the challenge!

Rhonda Steed

i love that photo. It looks amazing so big! (nice work on taking that photo after just giving birth!!) Love that butterfly. (You make me want to buy it!) love those tags too! I'm gonna try and play along today!

Cari Locken

Fabulous page Mary!!
I really like how you stamped on the tags!

Lovely Cee.

wow MJ:) someone said that derrick is hot. aren't you a little jealous? (geez... db mcsweeney!)
btw....... love this! and love that you got up and took pictures!!! awesome.

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