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February 27, 2009


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Lovely Cee.

hahahahaha!!! this is sooooooooooo darling.
i remember this photo- correct me if im wrong. was this the photo that derrick took when you first got your 50mm?....back when you were still an E-blogger? if im right, do i get to win something? i know this post wasnt a contest. but oh wait... i have something, right? are you in town? cant wait to see ya! lets have some coffee or eat out without derrick.
one more thing.... what size is your photo? did you get it printed or printed it yourself? i love it!


Okay, THAT is FUNNY!!! That cracks me up :) Did you just run the notebook paper through the printer? And the pencil... just used glue dots to stick it on? So cute! Thanks, Mary!


I am excited to see your older stuff...I have just discovered you and all of your fabulous work!! You are so so so VERY talented!! Thanks for all of your inspiration:)


Hi Mary! I just wanted to tell you that this is one of the most awesome layouts that I have ever seen! It is just perfect in so many ways!

Sara Rossi

GREAT LO! That is one big kitty!! Bring on the older LO's!! Can't wait to see more!!

Heather M.

oh my gosh, your journaling is totally hilarious! you are amazing. such an awesome layout! i love the photo too!

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