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December 02, 2008


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laura vegas

that frame is so cute! and the quote is perfect for letting this sit out all year long!

at least you're actually working on christmas stuff. i havn't thought about photos, cards, decorations, shopping ... or anything. next week ... i'll get it all started!

Rhonda Steed

Seriously cute frame!

lovely cee

have i told lately that i love you? because you are so genius? because you never run out wonderful ideas and inspirations? because you are so generous in sharing these to the whole wide world? because i wish i have the same thought process like you?

well anyhow, wish me luck today MJ, i am going to find that "something" in the hospital i mentioned to you in my email. i am sooooooo scared:(

lovely cee

that's supposed to be: "have i told you lately......."
i hate it when i make mistakes: makes me sound like such an i-diot:( grrrrk,ugh!

Heather Moll

that frame is just awesome!

hey, if it makes you feel better, i haven't even taken our christmas photo yet.

Sara Rossi

I think this is a perfect gift! Love the frame!

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