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November 29, 2008


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lovely cee

what??!?! purple!?!?! i think you have to be ultra talented to pull a great page like you guys. very cool!
and i love love your picture Mary:) who took that? Derrick?

lovely cee

i can't stop looking and reading at your guys stuff!
now, i have a minor headache from reading your quizzes and everybody's journaling up so close to the monitor! i just had to read it:)
how did you even make your fonts white on a purple cardstock? you smart duck!
Mary:) when you come visit here, would take my picture? please? please feel sorry for me because i don't have any good of me

Sara Rossi

I LOVE the purple!! It's actually my favorite color & my girls wore it in my wedding! LOL! I love the challenge & how you all created something unique. Mary your LO is beautiful & I love the simplicity!


Mary love your layout simple but elegant all at the same time. Love what you did with the vellum might have to try that myself LOL.
Love the challenges.

melanie louette

Your layout is amazing Mary- the purple looks really good despite the fact that it's purple ( I hate it too!) and I love the perfect simple design. I can't join on on your challenge as I don't own any purple stuff. ;p

Heather Moll

I think you guys came up with some great layouts! I love the clean look of yours so much Mary!

Doris Sander

the purple concept was a bit scarey, but you all rocked it! :D


Love your take on the challenge! I finally finished mine and posted it on my blog! Had fun participating...but I forgot the ribbon, oh well!

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