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October 21, 2008


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Rhonda Steed

oh we love Butterfield acres!!! Looks like fun!! (And Lucy is TOTALLY scared of the goats too! And the pig.)


OMGosh, your post brought back so many memories for me. When we lived in Calgary, my youngest used to visit Butterfield Acres all the time. She loved it so much she even attended summer camp there. I also recall being on the wagon ride/pumpkin hunt a time or two.

lovely cee

i am melted!!!! this is a cute post. i love you and your family.
sadly for me, i don't think we're gonna make it to antthing: i still want to go to the maze but the timing is bad.
that's a lot of cool pictures. i'm enjoying it. fun!

Sara Rossi

Oh how CUTE!! Looks like she had a FUN time loving those animals! I love the pics, especially the one of her against the red wall!

Heather M.

Hahahaha! Jonathan would have said something like that too! I can totally relate! :)
Great photos! Love Sadie's gloves and so good to see you in the photos! :)

laura vegas

looks like she had fun ... even with the crazy animals. lol! love all the photos ... and you were so good to get in lots of them too. and that is pretty funny that you had to sign up online for a wagon ride. lol!


Where is the Mama Pig?!!!

Great pictures, Mary! It looks like you had a good time - even after the race! I can see some LOs and fun journalling in your future :))

I hope we can go there with Helayna and Silas next year - but going to the neighbors here at home is just about as good. The only thing they are missing is the pumpkin field - but we get to ride on the quad to get there!

Linda J

She is adorable!:)Looks like you had great fun.

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