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October 30, 2008


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Rhonda Steed

WOW!!Totally awesome!!!

Heather M.

this is totally awesome, mary! i'm inspired to *someday* do the same! you are so right - a small album like that is so much more manageable - good for you for finishing it up!

lovely cee


"Well now, I should really just make life easier and cut and paste that paragraph right there and pop it into my scrapbook." I don't, but I'm sure tempted.

that's exactly what i'm thinking when i read your entries and journaling. you are such a wonderful and witty writer.

i love this book!!! i did one for gabby last year. but there's 2 pages that are not exactly done yet and i don't have an idea for the cover. and Danie's birthday book, still doesn't have a cover.

did you print your own prints? they're all perfect squares

Sara Rossi

What a TERRIFIC album!! Love the idea but don't think I'd be that dedicated each day (sad to say)! Sadie will treasure this!!

Had to laugh at the "2nd completed album" comment! I just started an 8x8 album even though I have 2 other albums that need to be finished!


What a beautiful little memory book of that important month! I think you should do it annually - wouldn't they be fun to look at by the time she's 6 years old?!! And congrats for finishing it up - such a good feeling, isn't it?! Happy November!

laura vegas

this is such a cute album idea! love that the design is kept simple ... and that it's easy enough to put together. and to have all those stories ... so great!

Elaine MacAskill

I enjoy every bit of this website. Keep up the good work. I love to hear all your news.

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