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October 27, 2008


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Heather M.

They turned out AWESOME! I love the BOO one!

laura vegas

these are so cool! and i love all your photos of the process! i think it's been about 15 years since i carved a pumpkin. i'm not even sure my girls know you can do that sort of thing. lol!

and i had to laugh at your ignoring the pumpkin that dropped on the floor! i've been known to turn a blind eye on occasion too! lol!

lovely cee

hahaha!!! i am totally lovin' these pixes! gabby had the same shirt on. i wish sadie and gabster can have a photo together with their halloween shirt on.

Laura T.

We did pumpkin carving at my house last night too. I love how clear your pictures came out while taking a picture of them lit up. I think I had my settings on too dark and all you see is the design (and not the pumpkin) in my pictures.


That is so not an easy template!! Easy is triangle eyes and nose and a lopsided smile with teeth - kind of like drawing stick figures and calling them people. But that would be from me - the drawing challenged student, big time!!

I love the pictures, especially the lit up finished ones! And how cool to have a record of the whole process. You rock, my friend!!

Sara Rossi

Love that 2nd pic of Sadie with the pumpkins on the porch! We totally blew off carving pumpkins this year--full of guilt now! LOVE the pumpkins!

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